Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Re-create your deleted AD user account which is using in CRM

Sometimes you can accidentally delete AD user account which is linked to CRM user from your domain. Even if you re-create same AD account at that moment, this AD account will not automatically link back to your CRM user. To solve this issue, please follow below instructions:
  1. Create one dummy user account in your AD
  2. Update domain name of CRM user with newly created dummy account (Please make sure First Name and  Last Name are populated automatically)
  3. Create AD user account that you want to tie back to your CRM account
  4. Update domain name of CRM user with that AD user account
Caution: Do NOT Disabled your CRM account while it was not linked to AD user account. If you do so, you cannot Enabled that CRM account and received an error. In this case, you have to read this article to manually update your ADUserGuid in CRM SystemUser entity. After that you can follow above steps.



Brendan said...

Thank you, very useful

Christophe said...

Thank you!!
works like a charm!

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