Sunday, February 21, 2010

Replicate Local Data Group (Offline Client / Outlook)

If you are using offline client application in CRM implementation, you will notice that configuring local data group is a very painful task for all developers. For me, most of our customers are using offline client applications in their daily operations. We have to configure local data group for all laptops based on their user roles and configuration.  It took more than one and half hour to finish the whole configuration setup for each laptop.

Last year, one of our customers suggested a console application called MSCRM: Automate Local Data Group Creation. It is very helpful application for us. We need to setup configuration for only one laptop (one user role) and copy it to the rest of  users' laptops. Amazingly, it took only a few minutes to finish the whole process. But, there still  has some draw backs. It required a few configuration steps to finished very carefully. Here is the list of steps for configuration:
  1. Go to SQL server and delete some records
  2. Create one text file which contains the list of views that you want to copy, and
  3. Run batch program with pre-defined parameters/commands, etc.
In short, it is not possible to ask users to help configuration on themselves.  They still need supervision of professionals. One mistake can screw up the whole database and operations.

So, I decided to do re-engineer works based on existing application. I changed existing web service calles to CRM 4.0, take out the first step (SQL delete process) and add user interface to automate the whole process. Thanks to David Jennaway for contributing his knowledge, idea and source code to community.

Below is the screen shot of my "Replicate Local Data Group" application:

You can run this application from any location/computer if you have access to their CRM application. 

Caution: Please backup your CRM user database first before running this application. Application will delete all Local Data Groups of destination users to prevent duplication.

System Requirement:
  • .NET Framework 2.0
 Access Matrix:
  • The login user who is connecting to CRM must be a member of PrivUserGroup. If you done more thant one installation for CRM, you will fine multiple PrivUserGroup in AD. Please make sure you are using correct one for login user.
  • All replicate users must have CREATE, READ, WRITE  and DELETE access to their own records (User) in "Saved View" entity. You can find "Saved View" entity under Core Record tab of your user role.
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Daniel Cai said...

Very useful tool, thanks Thuta!

Bernd said...

Hi Thuta,

does your app work with CRM 2011 ? Or is there an updated version available ?


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, great tool and works perfectly also for CRM 2011.

Anonymous said...

this is a great tool but I get a windows error message "XMLLocalDataGroup has stopped working".

The client is Windows 7

Any idea?


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