Thursday, December 10, 2009

Offline Client Error On Data Synchronization

Last week, my users complaint that they cannot see migrated data in some offline client laptops. I checked synchronization filter, CRM user data and both are working fine.

Finally, my colleague suggest me to do following steps:
  1. Go Online
  2. De-activate Local Data Group which has synchronization problem, and
  3. Go Offline
After synchronization process, You will not find no data at all. Then,
  1. Go Online
  2. Activate Local Data Group, and
  3. Go Offline again
You will get all data that were never synchronized before. It is something like restart process and I don't know how to explain this to user. The following are the list of screen shots for your reference:

1. Local Data Group (You can only see it after you go online)

2. De-activate Data Group

3. Activate Data Group

4. Filter Data Group