Wednesday, November 4, 2009

XRM Capitalize Attribute Plugin (Online/Offline)

Our users want to capitalize some of the attribute values from CRM entities when they save the data. The most frequently asked attributes that they want to capitalize are fullname, first name, last name, account name, and address information, etc.

You may think that it is easy to change string format through java script functions. But, if you have some external applications and CRM extension included in your project, it will be very hard to control the consistent of your application code. So, I planned to write a generic plug-in which is easy to configure and provide a variety of  capitalized functions through central configuration setup. (The idea of configuration setup implementation comes from  a33ik. Please refer my post for more detail)

String Capitalize Effects:
  • All Caps. Example; THUTA HLAING
  • Small Caps: Example; thuta hlaing
  • Word Cap: Example; Thuta Hlaing
  • First Char Cap: Example; Thuta hlaing

Download Link:
Feel free to use this application.
Either leave comment or email me if you want to know further information.

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