Monday, November 16, 2009

SQL Server: Failed to pause full-text catalog for backup

Last week, my users complaint that they cannot perform regular backup on SQL Server using their backup software. I tried to investigate on backup process and found the error message stated below:

After searching through Google for a while, I found the source of problem which is related to SQL Server FullText Search Service. By right, this service must run under Local System account. But, their service is running under NT Authority/Network Service.

Reason: When SQL server is performing backup process, they tried to pause FullText Search service. If this service is not running under Local System account, there is no way they can pause this service and error message stated above will be appeared.

Caution: If you want to perform database restore process in MS CRM databases, you have to stop Microsoft CRM Asynchronous Service before you start your restore process.

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